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211Re: [Beta_Unlimited] Hi!

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  • Sarah Pearson
    Dec 6, 2000

      Greetings Genji! I'm Sarah, and I'd be willing. I myself write a whole bunch of different types of fanfics, although right now I'm trying my hand at a Final Fantasy 8 fanfic. I've been wanting to do Tenchi Muyo too, but alas, school is tough on me too. College would be AWESOME if it weren't for the classes.... j/k. :) Anyway, send it on over and I'll see if I can help you. :-)


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      Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 4:31 PM
      Subject: [Beta_Unlimited] Hi!
      > *laughs* I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Genji, just
      > starting to write fanfiction, and an arsenal of poetry behind me (not
      > good, mind you, but it's there...) Currently, I'm working on two
      > long works (*laughs* run while you can...) and I need some people to
      > read it. One's based on the anime series Gundam Wing. The other is
      > sorta of my own creation, entitled The Game of the Four Winds. If
      > anyone is interested in reading them, I'll be more than happy to
      > oblige. Otherwise, I will be happy to beta anyworks. However, I'm
      > not as versatile as some people here, since I spend most of my time
      > during school work, or what not. Please let me know if you're
      > interested. Hmmm....I guess that's it.
      > Please LMK either way.
      > Genji
      > Possessed by the lurkers in her head.
      > Fanfiction. A haven for you when reality sucks!

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