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  • marimc25
    Jul 5, 2006
      Name or Alias: Maryilee

      Fav shows: Early Edition, Quantum Leap, Grey's Anatomy, Emergency and

      Fav writers of fanfiction: peregrin anna, inkling

      Fav actors and actresses: Kyle Chandler,

      Webpage address: None.

      Do you write fanfiction?: Yes, I wrote my first fanfic in about 1997

      Do you beta-read: I have, but not for quite awhile. I took about six
      years off to have another child. ;-)

      The fanfiction you will beta read: I can read stuff from Emergency,
      House, Early Edition and Quantum Leap.

      The ratings of fiction you will beta read: Doesn't matter, but I'm
      not interested in beta reading slash fic. Just not my cup of tea. ;-)
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