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206need a reader for a ww Fic

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  • Mac
    Dec 4, 2000
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      Hi all. I need a reader for a West Wing fic. Anyone
      interested. (It's a vingette from a very different
      point of view. Here's the very beginning so you can
      decide if you want to give it a try.


      Title: The Office
      Author: Mac < ngaiomw@... >
      Spoilers: Season one: almost all of it (just in small
      stuff); season two: Galileo
      Summary: The comings and goings in one person's

      1300 EST
      The White House

      She's staring at that picture again. I can see the
      troubled look in her eyes from my vantage point. She
      puts the picture back into her planner and
      concentrates on the information in front of her. A
      knock on the door grabs our attention.
      "C.J.? This just came in." Carol handed her a small
      newspaper. C.J. took the paper and looked at the
      title of the paper.
      "The Onion? Carol, why do we get a copy of a
      satirical paper?"
      "We don't have a subscription to the Onion."
      "I didn't think we did."
      "I found this on my desk after lunch. There's an
      article on page three that I think you should read."
      "What is it about since you're already familiar with
      "I'd rather not say." Carol started to back out the
      "Carol." She stopped and looked at her boss.
      "Ok, it's about you and something you said last week.
      May I go now?"
      "Oh God, this is not happening. This is not
      happening." C.J. had turned to the story on page
      three that Carol mentioned. She was staring so
      intently that she didn't notice Carol slipping out the
      door. The headline in the paper was: Press Secretary
      'Great in Bed'.

      Bartlet: Now, I am an educated man, Charlie, but when somebody tries to explain cricket to me, all I want to do is hit them in the head with a teapot!
      (What Kind of Day Has it Been?, The West Wing)

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