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2051Need a beta for Buffy fic

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  • marsaillez
    May 27, 2006
      I'm looking for a beta for a darkish AU 3rd season Buffy fic. I wrote
      it way back in 1999 and have never really posted it anywhere (except
      on a yahoo!group that is long gone). Giles POV, completed at just
      over 8000 words. I need a beta for grammar, punctuation and spelling.
      It's PG-13 to R. There is character death, blood and gore, but most
      violence happens off stage. There's a tiny bit of shippiness at the
      end, but only in the last few paragraphs.

      The summary: Buffy has been murdered and Giles and Joyce hunt down her

      Thanks to anyone who is willing to help!