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202924 and or Alias Beta needed

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  • davidb26morris
    Apr 8, 2006
      My name is David Morris. For the past few years I have been engaged
      in writing fanfiction dealing with The X-Files and Buffy The Vampire
      SLayer. But now I am crossing from the many to the more elite.

      I am in the middle of writing a 24/ Alias Crossover. Essentially, it
      is a version of Season 2 of 24 (the search for the nuclear bomb) with
      the addition of characters from the APO unit of Alias, season 4. (If
      you have no idea what I'm talking about, you have my permission to
      stop reading now)

      While the first few episodes will be retellings of Day 2 with some
      characters added in (and some taken out) as the day progresses I
      intend to filter in elements of Alias into the story. (In other
      words, organizations like the ALliance and The Covenant may be behind
      the days events.)

      I know that the task I've set forth is not an easy one, which is why
      I need someone to help through the trek. This someone needs a good
      understanding of 24 through the second season and who knows enough
      about the workings of Alias through season 4. I know that there are
      people out there who know this stuff, so I am reaching across the
      internet to ask for your help.

      Contact me at either this address or DavidB226Morris@....

      Thanks whoever reads this.