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2015Need a beta for my HP Story

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  • Dreamy
    Mar 5, 2006
      Bane of My Existence by DreamHowler

      Rated: A-17 (NC-17)

      Summary: Over the summer, Harry Potter starts getting mysterious
      letters from a guy that claims he wants to apologize for all the stuff
      that he has ever done to him. Then, when he gets back to school, he
      finds out that someone is starting a band and decides to change his
      appearance so he has a chance to be in it. Who is this mysterious
      letter writer? **Rated for Future Chapters. **

      Characters: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter
      Genres: Romance, Alternate Reality (AU), Slash, Drama, Timeline: 7th Year
      Chapters Published: 3

      I have one chapter that needs to be betaed. My beta has dissapeared,
      and though I miss her terribly, my fans are wanting to strangle me for
      making them wait so long.

      Can anyone help? Please include past experience, and major strengths.
      I.E. I really need someone good with punctuation and passive voice


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