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  • Marilyn Marsh
    Jan 13, 2006
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      Hi, thought I would just put my info out there. My name is Myrrhlynn
      and I LOVE fanfiction. I personally think it is some of the most
      creative stuff out there. Love reading it, just to see where people
      will go with some of my favorite stories. Anyway, I joined because,
      well, I just started my first year in collage after being out of
      school for 17 years, Yes, I'm that old, and I am majoring in writing.
      I have edited several other pieces of fic just for fun and I thought
      I would put myself out as a beta reader and actually try to help
      someone out. Also, I hope to work up some cahona's to put out some of
      my own work. I have put out some of my fanfic poetry before, just not
      my stories.
      So, I am a Babyloin 5 fan, CSI( any of them), Law & Order, The Sheild
      (I absolutly LOVE Michael Chiklis!!!) Buffy, Charmed, Smallville,
      Nip/Tuck, Forever Knight, Movies and books, I'm a vampire/ fantasy
      chick. I really like well written adult or slash fic. Erotica rocks!!
      And I have done some filking in the past. I might post my Forever
      knight filk I did and am quite proud of. It took me almost a year to
      write it, but I am really happy how it turned out. I have a Babylon 5
      filk I started awhile ago, but have been quite stuck.
      So, if anyone would like my input or help, I'm out here.

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