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1968Offer: Spelling and sense Beta-ing

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  • A. C
    Dec 30, 2005
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      As with many others, I spend a great deal of time reading slash and
      fan-fiction online. While reading, I constantly find myself stopped by
      grammatical and spelling mistakes. I especially despise the "your" and
      "you're" errors. So, I would like to help.
      I won't be able to do much actual timeline/character editing, because
      I read much from shows that I have not seen in entirety. That being
      said, I would be happy to preview or grammar check for the following
      Highlander (:the Series, mostly)
      Due South
      CSI (original)
      Law and Order (original, SVU and some CI)
      Forever Knight
      I am ammendable to all ratings.
      Happy writing,
      ~ Miss A