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1952offering my service

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  • hoteljunkie83
    Nov 5, 2005
      Hi everybody,

      Since I spend a lot of free time on reading fanfiction anyway I
      figured I could be of good use to all those who are looking for
      somebody to proofread their stories.

      I'm very much into X-files, JAG and Star Wars as well as Numb3rs and
      to a degree CSI:Miami.

      Having graduated as a German/English mayor and editing stories for
      radiostations for a while I am used to spotting typos, general flaws
      in a plot and structural mistakes. My weak spot is Grammar. I see most
      of the mistakes but the details escape sometimes.

      One more thing, please refrain from sending me any Slash, that's about
      the only type of stories I avoid!

      Looking forward to all the new stories,