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1910New slash NCIS zine!

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  • Mystery Frank
    Sep 2, 2005
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      AWS is donating a portion of all sales from the month of
      September to the relief effort of the devastation caused by Hurricane
      Katrina. So buy a lot of zines, but also go donate what you can to
      your favorite charity.

      Agent With Style

      is proud to present:


      a brand-new slash NCIS zine!

      This enthralling zine contains two novellas by fantastic

      In "Longing" by Angelise, Tony didn't abide by the
      particular 'Gibbs Rule' that said romance between agents never
      worked. Unfortunately his boss did, leaving Tony emotionally
      battered and bruised. A brief lapse of control, a sweet taste of
      heaven, and Tony was once again shown the door. How many more times
      would he allow Gibbs to reject his heart? How many more times would
      he reach for the unattainable when true love was standing right in
      front of him? Only Tony could make that decision.

      And in "The Second B is for Belonging" by Julie, in a desperate
      attempt please his beloved boss, Tony DiNozzo turns himself inside
      out trying to be the type of NCIS Special Agent that he thinks Gibbs
      needs. Little does he know that Gibbs is dealing with unrequited
      feelings of his own... and is concerned with the changes that he sees
      in Tony. Can Gibbs intervene before the lighthearted man he fell in
      love with is gone forever?

      Angst, laughter, tears, smiles and at last -- love. Don't miss
      this great zine!