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1817Searching for Smallville Beta

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  • Hannah
    Apr 4, 2005
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      I'm writing a smallville fic and I mostly need help with the
      characters. If they're in character or if I'm completely off. I
      also need someone comfortable with angst, and willing to yell at me
      if I'm again, completely off. I've never used a beta before, so I
      also was hoping the beta would be able to yell at me to keep writing
      and help me to organize the plot. I seem to just write sporadically
      and would very much like to get a little more focused.

      summary: umm, clark gets all depressed after meeting the psychic
      lady cassandra and trys to kill himself. How everyone deals with
      the aftermath and no, clak isn't dead. I'm planning for him to wake
      up some time, I'm hoping for this to be slash clex at some point far
      off in the future and am also hoping to use a lot of different
      people and their reactions to clark's situation. Rating shouldn't
      go above pg-13 or R and I may be going on for a long time with
      writing this. thank you for any help you can give. !!!

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