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1799OT -- Anyone just get a new TiVo?

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  • Agent With Style
    Feb 24, 2005
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      I just got a new TiVo and am told that when I
      register it for the service, I cannot use my own
      e-mail address as a referral to get the 5,000 bonus
      TiVo points -- so I'm looking for someone else who
      also has a new TiVo to register, who would be willing
      to list me as their referral, and I'll list them as
      mine. So we both basically get 5,000 points for
      registering our own TiVo. Please contact me OFFLIST
      at zines at agentwithstyle dot com even if you don't
      plan to get a TiVo for several weeks or more. I can
      wait. :-)

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