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1792Deadline for Sentinel con orders

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  • Agent With Style
    Feb 15, 2005
      Upcoming conventions open for pre-orders:

      Return to Cascade (Los Angeles, CA) Feb. 26-27, 2005
      DEADLINE -- midnight February 16, 2005

      RevelCon (Houston, TX) March 18-20, 2005
      Connexions (Baltimore, MD) April 1-3, 2005
      StarFest (Denver, CO) April 29-May 1, 2005
      MediaWest (Lansing, MI) May 27-30, 2005

      Agent With Style -- www.agentwithstyle.com

      SENTINEL CON: The con comm for Return to Cascade has
      very graciously opened the door to the dealer's room
      to *all fans,* whether you are a member of the con or
      not -- so if you live in or near LA, feel free to come
      to the con and browse the dealer's room to find just
      the zine, keychain, piece of artwork, CD or DVD you've
      been looking for, or never knew you wanted!

      Let me heartily encourage anyone who wants to make
      *sure* we bring what they want to *any* con, to go to
      our site at www.agentwithstyle.com and place a pre-con
      order. That way you'll know that your zines will be
      there and will be marked especially for you, so they
      won't be sold to anyone else.

      You don't have to pre-pay when you send in a pre-con
      order (although you are certainly welcome to). You can
      pay at the convention when you pick the zines up, and
      we take cash (in US dollars), checks, credit cards,
      and if there's an internet connection available, you
      can even pay with Paypal!

      Just go to our website at www.agentwithstyle.com, look
      around at all the zines, then click on 'order forms'
      at the top of the page, choose 'pre-con order form'
      and fill it out. We'll package up and bring those
      zines to the con for you.

      See you at the con!