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174Caroline's Intro

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  • caroline corken
    Aug 28, 2000
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      Name or Alias:  Caroline
       Fav shows: Highlander:The Series, The Pretender, Buffy The Vampire Slayer,
      7Days, First Wave, Red Dwarf, The X-Files, Doctor Who, Quantum Leap, The
      Sharpe series.  Opps, I think i've just admitted to being a t.v addict!!
       Fav writers of fanfiction: Racheal Sabotini, Amand-r  plus lots more!
       Fav actors and actresses:  Michael T. Weiss,  Adrian Paul,  Peter Wingfield
       Webpage address: www.geocities.com/methos_death19/Caffre.html
       Do you write fanfiction?: Yep, but i'm only really getting started, so I
      don't feel i've done anything really great yet.   But i'm aiming for
       Do you beta-read: I',m more than willing to try, although I think i'd be
      better at helping the plot along rather than spelling and grammer stuff.
       The fanfiction you will beta read:   From any of my fav shows as stated
       The ratings of fiction you will beta read: Any and all!