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1720To all fanfic writers!

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  • jae_s1978
    Oct 28, 2004
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      To all fanfic writers!

      A German student needs your help for her thesis about "fanfiction and
      the psychology of the internet". It would be very helpful if those of
      you who write fanfiction could fill out the following questionnaire.
      Please mail the completed form to:


      Complete anonymity is guaranteed!
      If you belong to other fanfic-groups or mailing lists or know some
      other writers, please forward this questionnaire to them. Thank you
      very much for your help and good luck for your writing!




      marital status (single, married, in a relationshipÂ…):


      sexual orientation (hetero-/bi-/homosexual)

      How old were you when you first started writing (fanfic or other

      How often do you write (every day, once a week/monthÂ…)?

      When offline, do you work in a reading/writing field?

      For which fandoms (shows, series) do you write fanfiction?

      From which fandoms do you read fanfiction?

      Do you have a favorite pairing (i.e. are you a "shipper" of any

      What is your favorite fanfic(s) and / or author(s) in the fanfic

      Do you write "only" fanfiction or do you write your own stories, too?

      How many fanfics have you written yet?

      How many fanfics have you published on the internet?

      Do you have a beta reader?

      Did you ever co-write a story with another writer?

      Do you have a website or a mailing list for your fanfics?

      Do you write under your own name or an online alias?

      In which language do you write?

      Do you read fanfic in other languages, too?

      Do you write slash stories? If yes, do you write f/f- or m/m-

      Do you read slash stories? If yes, do you read about f/f- or m/m-

      Do you tend to write from a male or female point of view?

      How long (in pages) was your longest story?

      How much feedback do you usually get?

      Do your friends or family members know about your writing? What are
      their reactions?