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166Re: Welcome to Beta_Unlimited

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  • Johanna Hupp-Clark
    Jun 13, 2000
      > Name or Alias: Aryn
      > Fav shows: X-Files, JAG, Pretender, Twin Peaks, Highlander: Raven, and
      Northern Exposure

      > Fav writers of fanfiction: Paula Graves, Sheryl Martin, and Felicia
      > Fav actors and actresses: Gillian Anderson, Catherine Bell, Elizabeth
      Gracen, Don Davis, and Kyle MacLachlan
      > Webpage address: http://php.indiana.edu/~jhuppcla
      > Do you write fanfiction?: Yes, but only my XF fic is posted anywhere.
      > Do you beta-read: Yes. Even when I'm reading archived stuff.
      > The fanfiction you will beta read: I prefer fic from shows I watch, as I
      am not familiar with other characters.
      > The ratings of fiction you will beta read: I don't like reading rape
      and/or torture. But regular NC-17 and everything else is fine.

      Reality is an illusion
      Created to disillusion
      The reality of illusions

      'The days are bright and filled with pain,
      So hold me in this gentle rain,
      The time we ran was too insane,
      We'll meet again, we'll meet again.'
      --Morrison, "Crystal Ship"

      E Pur Si Muove
      attributed to Galileo Galilei