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1640Looking for a beta of an X-over story

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  • allaire_mikhail
    Mar 5, 2004
      Hi guys,

      I'm currently (still) writing on my part of a round-robin to an X-
      over story featuring Snape and Harry Potter from "Harry Potter",
      Schuldig from "Weiss Kreuz", Lex from "Smallville" and Methos
      from "Highlander". This part of the round-robin brings them into the
      universe of Bodie and Doyle from "The Professionals".

      So far, it's around 80 KB and I *hope* to get done at around 100 KB.
      I'll be able to provide you with more background regarding the
      earlier parts of the round-robin (most of which are in German) once
      you yell "here!" and help me get rid of any mistakes I made due to
      not being a native speaker. ;-)

      Oh, and it has slashy overtones, but is rated PG-13, I'd say (no
      actual sex happens in the story).

      Please e-mail me *off-list* at allaire@....


      who *has* to finish this story soon or get shot by the other