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164Site Announcement - Fic Feedback

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  • A. Aaronson
    Jun 9, 2000
      Site announcement: New Fanfic-related site

      Fic Feedback

      Feedback: lots of people want it, not enough give it.
      It's one of those 'facts of life'.

      There are thousands of fanfiction authors across the web who work
      very hard in creating new adventures for our favourite characters.
      They start writing for their own pleasure, but they keep writing for
      the satisfaction of knowing that there are people who enjoy and
      appreciate what they've written.

      Fic Feedback is designed to help fanfiction authors who aren't
      receiving the intelligent, constructive feedback they deserve. All
      they have to do is submit their story in the same way as they would
      to a mailing-list or a website, it will be passed onto one of our
      readers and feedback results!


      Fic Feedback is now fully operational for Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
      Angel and Roswell fics as of the 10th of June 2000. Please make sure
      you read both the Feedback and the Guidelines pages before

      Also, our Links page is looking a little bare. If you're a webmaster
      who'd like to set up a reciprocal link please contact us at
      ficfeedback@.... Even if you don't have a website, any
      appropriate ones you could suggest would be most appreciated.

      Fic Feedback