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  • Laura
    Feb 2, 2004
      Hi everyone,

      With the increasing annoyance of trying to find a beta reader these
      days, I created a Harry Potter beta listing at www.parseltongue.net.
      If anyone is interested in being added to the listing as well that
      would be great.

      Just fill out the following info to be added and reply to this or
      e-mail me at SlytherinQueen87 @ yahoo. com.


      General Info: name, age, country, whatever

      E-mail Addy: yahoo tends to cut these off so make sure you dont let it
      turn it into an email address type ex: slytherinqueen87 @ yahoo.com)

      Ship Preferences: things you will NOT read(if any), ships you prefer

      Reponse Time: how long it generally takes you to return beta read

      Thanks in advance,