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1197I need all of your adivce! PLEASE!

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  • Cari
    Oct 6, 2003
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      Hey everybody. Well, today we were in English class and we were
      studying--low and behold--GRAMMAR! Yay! Well, seeing as I beta a lot,
      I am very meticulous about my grammar...and, well, to say the least,
      my teacher hates it.

      Well, first, have any of you heard of the english Grammar book,
      Harbrace? Well, that's the book we use, and I consider it my bible.
      It's awesome--everything you want to know in it! Well, we have a
      school-wide grammar test on commas coming up (don't ask me, I think
      it's stupid)...can you all see where this is going.

      As a worksheet, our teacher gave us these two sentences:

      1) I was able to take a class from Dr. Thompson who teaches Shelly
      and Keats.
      2) I was able to take a class from the Dr. Thompson who teaches
      Shelly and Keats.

      Now, which sentence needs a comma, where, and why? My teacher is
      wrong, dammit! And I will prove this to her!

      FYI, she is choosing to disrupt my fragile world of grammar, which I
      so carefully and meticulously constructed in eight grade. And she
      wants to SHATTER it. COMPLETELY DESTROY IT! We made a bet, and the
      three STUDENTS (who are all delinquents...is that how you spell
      that?) sided with her. But I know she's wrong. If she's right, I'm
      going to CRY. And now I have a headache from all my frustration...oh
      well. So, what do you think? Sentence one or two? Oh, and BTW, I
      might have to use your explanation in class...just letting you know!
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