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1191PotC fanfic beta reader needed

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  • maidenlp
    Sep 30, 2003
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      Hi. I need a serious beta reader - it's my first Pirate of the
      Caribbean fanfic and I've posted it on fanfiction.net . The reason
      is that I'm French and my english isn't really perfect - but I wanna
      learn !

      If you're intrested, just send a email to jybrille@... and
      tell me you'll be a beta-reader and I'll send you the direct link to
      my story.

      I just want to get reviewed. Please no harsh comment saying "Your
      story sux, get it off the net, you're done for" :) That would hurt
      my feelings. I want to know if my story is coming ok so far - what
      should be changed - if grammar is absolutely atrocious or it's ok
      except for minor typos, what PG it should be in, if the plot if
      coming ok, if my character is too much of a Mary-Sue (Well... That I
      could care less - I don't like or dislike Mary-sues)... Ya know,
      that stuff.

      I would like an honest person. I don't mind being criticized - as
      long as it's constructive and not a flame.

      Thank you ^_^