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11665New zines at AWS, pt. 3

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  • Agent With Style
    May 15, 2013

      Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI -- deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 18, 2013.   Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged!  We sell out *fast*!

                               AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *


                            * Multimedia *


                As the saying goes, diamonds and dynamite come in small packages.  And though this is a digest-sized gen zine, it's nice and *thick,* filled with engaging stories such as:

      "It's Time" by Lorraine Anderson – (Doctor Who) --  River Song knows the Doctor has had too many terrible blows in too short a time and he needs a time and place to just… be.  And to learn what 'family' means.  And to maybe, finally, admit he really does care.  Could another Amelia teach him all that?

      "Dead or Alive" by Susan Macdonald – (Magnificent 7) -- Trapped in an ambush in the middle of nowhere, Vin and Nate contemplate the 'dead' part of that 'dead or alive' bounty on them.

      "A Course for Winds of Fortune" by Sheila Paulson – (Lord of the Rings) -- Denethor, Steward of Gondor, endures the final days of his life, the loss of Boromir and the fate of Faramir.  Can he find reconciliation within himself at the end?

      "Apology with Pizza" by Susan Macdonald – (The Avengers) -- Tony Stark could, and often did, come off as a jerk.  Rarely, if ever, did he apologize for it.  But this time, he wanted to .  And worse yet, he *meant* it.

      "Mardi Gras" by Susan Macdonald – (Beauty and the Beast) -- A costume ball allows Catherine to not only have an actual date with Vincent among her friends and co-workers, but lets her play Cupid between a new friend and a beau who hasn't see her in fifty years.  Love is in the air…

      "Happened Before and Again" by Dana Bell – (Stargate: Atlantis / Stargate SG-1 / Falling Skies / Battlestar Galactica / Caprica) --  Something -- or someone -- inhabits the city of Atlantis.  Humans come and go in the city's long history; should Atlantis protect its newest inhabitants, or go back to sleep for another thousand years to see what a new millennium might bring?

      "Professor Snape" by Susan Macdonald – (Harry Potter) -- Grading papers is a great way to get to know one's students, if one *wants* to get to know one's students, that is.

      "Those in Darkness" by Susan Macdonald – (Hogan's Heroes / Phineas and Ferb) -- Colonel Hogan is asked to help a young prince from a tiny country annexed by the Third Reich before this 'inconvenience' is made to 'go away,' but Hogan isn't sure he wants to get involved.  The one asking is a soldier who guards Stalag 13, and wouldn't that be helping the enemy?  With pressure from both the 'friendly' German soldiers and his own men, Hogan must decide -- and then live with the consequences.

      "Riding the Range" by Susan Macdonald – (Magnificent 7) -- Ezra wins at poker, even when he doesn't cheat, and JD tells a joke no one laughs at.  Just another day in Four Corners…

      "Innocents" by Lorraine Anderson – (Stargate: Atlantis) -- A new experience for Ronan, fireworks at a July Fourth celebration in a San Francisco park, puts Rodney McKay in danger when he gets kidnapped right  under Ronan's and John Sheppard's noses!

      "Flynn or Eugene?" by Susan Macdonald – (Tangled) -- The king has a difficult decision to make.  Does he hang Flynn Rider for being a thief, or does he knight  Eugene Fitzherbert for rescuing his daughter?  A decision made all the harder, as both men are one and the same person.  Heavy is the head that wears a crown…

      "The Quest" by Sheila Paulson -- (Lord of the Rings) -- When Pippin visits Faramir's new city in ithilien, bringing with him his son, young Faramir Took forms a friendship with Faramir's son, and the two lads sneak away to the Morgul Vale on a quest for adventure, and encounter great danger there.  Like fathers, like sons…


                    * NCIS / The Avengers *


                In this engaging "NCIS" / "The Avengers" crossover slash novel by Lady Ra, with a beautiful color cover by Eilidh17, Tony comes into an unexpected legacy when he turns forty, finding Dr. Dolittle has *nothing* on him, and Gibbs meets a rat who knows a little too much about his sex life.  Once word gets out about Tony's abilities, there's an alphabet war going on for his talents that puts him and everyone he loves at risk.  But will any of the organizations that want to get their hands on the Man Who Can Talk to Animals meet with the approval of Macavity, the hard-knocks tomcat who has appointed himself Tony's consigliore after watching "The Godfather" one too many times?


      * Real Ghostbusters / Lord of the Rings *


               From the fantastic mind of Sheila Paulson comes this amazing "Real Ghostbusters" / "Lord of the Rings" gen sequel to A SHADOW OF EVIL, in which Gimli has taken up the lordship of the Glittering Caves at Helm's Deep, and a party of his miners exploring a seam of gold have unleashed a trapped elemental entity of considerable power and malice.  When Gandalf is summoned, he recruits the best backup he can think of to cope with the unnatural threat -- the Ghostbusters.  After all, who's a wizard gonna call?


                      * Find Us on the Web *

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            Twitter -- www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle  


                            * The Sentinel *

                This slash tale takes place in a very slight Alternative Universe in which Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg meet under very different circumstances that, nevertheless, lead them back to each other.  In this engaging novel by Dovya Blacque, when a serial killer is on the loose, an expert consultant is brought in to assist the Cascade Police Department's Major Crimes Unit in solving the case.  Everyone expects prickly Detective Ellison to kick this strange, I-see-things-differently kid to the curb, but, to their shock, the two men seem to just… fit together somehow, and a shared destiny is fulfilled.  With a gorgeous cover by Lorraine Brevig, this novel is one story you won't want to miss!


                       * Stargate:  Atlantis *

      CRITIAS 3

                Borrowing the title of 'Critias' from one of Plato's dialogues which contains the origin story of the mighty island kingdom Atlantis, this collection of stories features amazing tales about the team as well as the banter-ready friendship between Sheppard and McKay.  From start to finish, you'll love this gen zine!  In this issue:

      "Mandatory Torture" by Blue Abyss -- The crew of Atlantis come up with inventive ways to amuse themselves during mandatory training.

      "Another Fine Mess, Said Rodney" by Lorraine Anderson -- Woolsey soon regrets his decision to go on a mission when the team is captured first by the natives and then by the Wraith!

      "Nine Lives" by Brate -- Another mission, another planet, another species out to get John Sheppard...

      "What Really Happened?" by Blue Abyss -- The team all have different memories and reports regarding a recent mission, leaving Elizabeth Weir to find out the truth for herself!

      "The Shame of It" by Lorraine Anderson -- In this novella, Rodney and Sheppard, as well as their team, try to deal with the consequences of a mission gone terribly wrong.

      "A Wraith in New York" by Sheila Paulson -- In this crossover novella with "Real Ghostbusters," the Atlantean team is running from the Wraith when an unusual form of rescue presents itself.  Unfortunately, the end result is, well, a Wraith in New York.  Who ya gonna call?


                            * Stargate SG-1 *

      PRETENSE 11

                All slash, all Jack/Daniel, all the time!  These tales run the gamut from Jack and Daniel just revealing their feelings for each other to established-relationship, and everything in between.  In this issue:

      "Schisms" by Storyhaus and Quale -- Daniel is lost on a mission and only Jack can save him.

      "Monsters" by Galaxy -- Jack and Daniel try to come to terms with each other and everything that's happened after the episode "Gemini."

      "Rainy Days and Mondays" by Storyhaus and Quale -- In the episode "The Changeling," Jack tells Teal'c that he knows a resident psychologist who can help him. This A/U explains how Jack and Daniel met... and much more!

      "Destiny" by Jan Kent -- A mission to the Destiny bring Jack and Daniel together.

      "Limited Gene Pool" by Storyhaus and Quale -- When Daniel is kidnapped by the Lucian Alliance, SG-1 must spring into action.

      "Long Distance" by Natalie McPeak -- Jack finds his job in Washington, D.C. -- and the separation from Daniel -- "difficult" to deal with...

      "The Sands of Time" by Storyhaus and Quale -- In this A/U novella, after Reese's death, Daniel doesn't feel he belongs at the SGC anymore. He resigns and returns to Egypt where he meets a mysterious stranger who soothes his aching soul. But can he ever really forget the past... and Jack O'Neill?

                             AGENT WITH STYLE
                     * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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