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1164Looking for a beta (Who'd have guessed!)

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  • K. OConnor
    Aug 27, 2003
      Name: jinxed wood

      Favourite shows: Buffy, Andromeda, C.S.I.(go figure),and
      Highlander:the series

      Favourite fanfiction writers: Herself for the Buffy
      fanfiction,Snowleopard and Jo for the Highlander fanfic.

      Yes I write.

      Yes I will beta-read. My canon is pretty solid in Buffy and
      Highlander so I would feel more comfortable betaing those but I will
      beta-read other fanfic if all you are looking for is someone to pick
      up those little grammatical errors.

      And now for the question: Will anyone beta -read for me?

      I'll warn you from the start that it is my first fanfic and it's
      beginning to turn into a bit of an epic (25,000 words and
      climbing).It is a highlander fanfic and it was supposed to be a
      Methos piece but I'm afraid that by this stage the whole cast and
      crew have come out to play. Its an action/adventure fic and I'd
      rate it a conservative PG 15 for language so far.

      Please, don't be scared, beta for me (Have I already said please?)

      Signing out,

      jinxed wood.

      (Pullease, I'm on my Knees here!)