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  • Pandora .
    Aug 10, 2003
      LOL. Wanna know something funny? I agree with you completely. But that's
      why I love them. XD Now I am NOT trying to start an argument here. For
      discussion's sake, why do you hate them?

      Are we allowed to get off topic here, listmom?

      Who do you see as the dominant person in a Remus/Sirius paring? They're one
      of those couples that could go either way. IMO, my first inclination is to
      say Sirius would be the "man" of the relationship. But then again, I've
      read fics where there's a character you'd think would just have to be dom,
      but then they're not. So...either way.


      > From: Abinikai <abinikai@...>
      >Subject: Re: Re: Newbie
      >Hey! That hurt...owwww...Anyways, I believe Snape should die a lonely man
      >and Lucius shbould burn in hell...though I CAN see them together every once
      >in awhile for some hot, passionate, won't-talk-to-you-after-it's-finished
      >sex...but again, that could be just me.
      >"Pandora ." <tigersan00@...> wrote:*glomps fellow slash fan,
      >I am SO Lucius/Severus. They are so evil and perfect together.
      >Remus is such a cutie, and Sirius such a fireball!
      >Yay for HP Slash!!
      > > Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 15:43:35 -0700 (PDT)
      > > From: Abinikai <abinikai@...>
      > >Subject: Re: Newbie
      > >
      > >Yep! HP fan, right here! "Remus/Sirius forever!" is my belief! (though
      > >could be just me...)
      > >
      > >Are there any other Dragonball Z yaoi fans on the list? What about
      > >Harry Potter slash fans?
      > >
      > >Glad to be here!
      > >
      > >~Pandora

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