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  • Samus Belmont
    Jul 22, 2003
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      Hey everyone, I'm in search for someone to beta a Metroid fic of
      mine. Knowledge of the fandom isn't really necessary, but its based
      off a sci-fi type video game, and I'm writign a prequil of sorts, so
      everything is quite original. Mostly I just need someone to run over
      plot inconsitancies and grammer. Of course, I'd be happy to beta
      anything in exchange if you'd like! Email me if you're interested :)

      and now for the specs.. ;)

      Name or Alias: Samus Belmont, but just Samus or Sam for short

      Fav shows: X-files, Stargate SG1, (Most video games such as Legend
      of Zelda, Castlevania, Metroid, Final Fantasy(s)) X-men: comic and

      Fav writers of fanfiction: Wow, too many to name

      Fav actors and actresses: Christian Bale *wipes drool*

      Webpage address: Nope

      Do you write fanfiction?: Yes I do, but not as much as I'd like.
      Real life is a bugger.

      Do you beta-read: Yup, deffinately. I've Beta read for others in the
      past, but I tend to give it to you rough, so don't expect me to
      ignore bad writing!

      The fanfiction you will beta read: Mostly any fandom, if I havent
      heard of it, I wont be able to help with characterization, but I can
      still help you with sentence structure and an outsider's point of
      view on the plot

      The ratings of fiction you will beta read: From G to NC-17. I'll
      even beta slash/yaoi (my pet peeve being badly written slash/yaoi.
      Gives me a chance to catch it before it gets out *whipcrack* ^__^).
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