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  • Cari Westbrook
    Jul 17, 2003
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      Okay, though I usually berate myself afterwards for actually speaking, I must say that I have one of the Magic Kingdom for Sale books and must ask if it's good. Though I have tried reading it, I only got a little ways into it b/c of other books that came out (namely Harry Potter). I'm not saying it's bad, but I just wanted to know. Oh, and I'm a big Animae fan, too. I love Fushugi Yugi, Gundam Wing, Inu Yasha, Vampire Hunter D, Chobits, Ranma 1/2 and almost anything else that's discussed in dear old Animae Club.

      Emily Vitori <syreene@...> wrote:

      I am a fellow Anime lover, as well as a big fan of Terry Brooks! :)
      He came to a book store here in Ohio, and I now have the first three
      Shanara books signed by him. :) :) They are old and beaten books that
      were handed down to me by my sister when I was a child, and now they
      mean even more to me. I love Terry Brooks writing, as well as the
      Magic Kingdom For Sale series, and the one with the girl who was
      guardian of the woods from evil...what was that thing called? Dang it!

      Anyway, I love Vampire Hunter D, Akira, Appleseed, Lodus War, A.D.
      Police, Bubblegum Crisis, and many more if you ever need a beta
      reader. ;)

      Unfortunately, my work is strictly Marvel at the moment.

      Nice to meet you! :)

      -Syreene aka Emily

      --- In Beta_Unlimited@yahoogroups.com, RedYume@a... wrote:
      > Name or Alias: Ari
      > Fav shows: Escaflwone, Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inu
      > Record of Lodoss Wars, X 1999, and many others. (Sorry guys, an
      anime fan walks
      > among you).
      > Fav writers of fanfiction: (fan fiction) Sarah-neko, (writers) CS
      > Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks.
      > Fav actors and actresses: None
      > Webpage address: www.angelfire.com/space/redyume
      > Do you write fanfiction?: Yep, it's addicting.
      > Do you beta-read: Yep, and I'm ready for a new story. Any other
      Otaku out
      > there in need of a beta?
      > The fanfiction you will beta read: See my favorite show section.
      I'll beta
      > read for other shows, anime and non-anime, but I prefer what I'm
      familiar with.
      > Style is my strong suit, but I can handle spelling and most grammar
      as well.
      > The ratings of fiction you will beta read: All the way up the
      ladder! Up to
      > NC-17

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