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1086Crossover Challenges

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  • J. Williams
    Jun 24, 2003
      1. Buffy \Gilmore Girls.
      In this World Giles died of his Injuries In Weight of the World.
      And Dawn suceeds in sacrifeces her self in the Gift. Having
      had Enough pain. She leaves Sunnydale and wether thru chance or devine
      intervemtion. She ends up in StarsHallow. Staying at the Inn. The girls
      up getting close to the Broken Slayer. Sort of becoming a Surrogate Mother
      Sister to her and help her heal. Can Be any Pairing. Het or Slash B\S B\A
      B\Willow. Im very open minded as long as Buffy part of the couple. : ) Or
      maybe After Chosen
      Buffy goes to StarsHallow to start over.

      2. Buffy\Babylon 5
      After the spell in the Bargaining . It turns out Spike was right magic had
      consequnces. fast forward to 2260. Buffy would be 279 yrears old. According
      to Human. Minbari & Narn
      Prophets Ihave written of A Slayer who has returned from Beyond The Veil
      Twice. Cannot cross again until the Shadow of evil is destroyed. In other
      words Buffy's a MAJOR player in the Shadow War. And the war to retake earth
      from President Clark. Pairiing rules the same. But if you wanted to. You
      could pair my girl B with someone from B5 Het or Slash. I could see Lyta
      Alexander as a descendent of Willows.
      Buffy pulling an Angel. And broodining in the shadows of Down Below. Keeping
      to herself For fear of getting attached to somepne again only to watch them
      grow old and die.

      I would love to see these stories. But I have NO WRITING TALENT. So I'm
      posting this. Hopefully Ill get some takers :) Please Both these Brilliant
      shows are WAY over due for a BtVS crossover. PLEASE SOME ONE CONSIDER