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  • Wooi, Evelyn
    31st May 2001 Hello friends, Our company will close for the public holidays (Prophet Muhammad s Birthday and King s Birthday) this weekend. Therefore, I shall
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      Learn a word a day

      31st May 2001

      Hello friends,

      Our company will close for the public holidays (Prophet Muhammad's Birthday and King's Birthday) this weekend.  Therefore, I shall not be at my station on Monday and Tuesday to answer your queries. I shall

      be back to work on Wednesday, 6th June 2001.

      By the way, if you wish to visit our lovely Pulau Pinang, please note that the Penang Bridge will be closed from 3am to 10am on 3rd June, 2001 Sunday.  This is to facilitate (make way for) a sports event called "Penang Bridge Run".

      Here's wishing you Happy Holidays!  but don't overspend your money, OK?

      I enclose our words for 4th and 5th June 2001.

      Date : 4th June 2001

      Our word is METICULOUS

      Meaning = very careful and over scrupulous over minor details.

      Example -
      My son is one person who would not eat onions. 
      He would patiently and meticulously pick out the onions from
      the "roti telor bawang" which I had purchased from the mamak stall.
      Example -
      My grandmother was a meticulous seamstress (tukang jahit).
      She would carefully hand-sew the button holes of our blouses.
      Nowadays, we would just use the sewing machine for speed and

      Date : 5th June 2001

      Our word is OFFSPRING

      Meaning = children of human beings.
      Also referred to as decendants (keturunan) of animals.

      Normally, we do not say "a goat's child"
      We say "a goat's offspring"


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