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  • pgreenfinch
    You might be on something, Franco No other question, your honor! Any other witnesses? ;-) ... From: Franco Tippi To: Behavioral-Finance@yahoogroups.com Sent:
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      You might be on something, Franco
      No other question, your honor!
      Any other witnesses? ;-)
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      Simple  -  all returns are "risk premium".  Next question.

      From: pgreenfinch <pgreenfinch@...>
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      Subject: [Behavioral-Finance] 134th month newsletter


      Dear members and visitors!
      Here is our 134th month newsletter

      1) Thought of the month

      The risk premium is a difference of returns between
      a risky asset class and a safe asset, right?
      So what happens when, as might now be the case,
      there is no more safe asset?

      2) Monthly activity
      Just a couple of new messsages
      The total since this forum was launched is still around 9225.

      Our membership is still ca. 1800 non bouncing members.
      Gains and losses stay balanced

      3) Our free BF/BE resources at your fingertips 24/7:

      * Your diligently maintained and improved BF glossary.
      500+ definitions, many of them as stand-alone encyclopedic

      => Our permanent "quality" poll about that resource is
      running at:
      *** Thanks for your opinion**

      * Martin Sewell's academic treasure chest in BF topics,
      that site is a must for students and researchers:

      * Your behavioral stockpricer:

      * Our group charter
      (click BF Group charter.doc)
      also available at:

      ** Remember, you need a *yahoo ID/profile* to access all
      Yahoo group's resources (polls, links and files).
      To get it, click "account info" (in the group's homepage
      or your "my groups" page) and fill in the info you deem
      appropriate. ID-less members can be permanently moderated.

      Wishing an interesting and productive month.
      All the best!


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