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  • pgreenfinch
    Dear Weng, congratulations and best wishes for your activity in economic psychology research and thanks for your interest. It happens that I m independent of
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 7, 2009
      Dear Weng, congratulations and best wishes for your activity
      in economic psychology research and thanks for your interest.

      It happens that I'm independent of all research organizations
      and I never was related to any, my interest in those topics being
      personal and it started even before any academic study existed
      on them. Of course when I heard later of the first academic
      researches on BF I got very interested and decided to promote
      the topic, a bit as a "rebel" against the standard paradigms (well,
      they include some truth also, but they needed much to be

      For example my "stock image coefficient" concept
      is purely personal and practical. It is still not, as far as I know, 
      studied in academia (but never proved wrong either by academia),
      maybe because I'm not an academic and don't make scientific
      publication in the official format.
      I'm of course at your disposal for further details about my work, but
      I'm sure you will find in this group highly knowledgeable  correspondents
      that are active in research in some very good institutes and maybe are 
      ...near to Brooklyn (my place is France / European union, equal
      distance between NYC and Beijing ;-))
      Maybe you can give us also a short presentation of the central university
      of finance and economics in china.

      Best wishes again.

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      Subject: 回复: [Behavioral-Finance] 116th month newsletter


      dear peter greenfinch:
      i am an chinese researcher in economic psychology, and i am now working as a visiting scholar of brooklny college of cuny, i taught investing psychology and economic psychology in central university of finance and economics in china, and i want to know where are your research institutes and how can i inview you when you have your time.
      weng xuedong

      --- 09年12月6日,周日, Peter Greenfinch <pgreenfinch@ orange.fr> 写道:

      发件人: Peter Greenfinch <pgreenfinch@ orange.fr>
      主题: [Behavioral- Finance] 116th month newsletter
      收件人: Behavioral-Finance@ yahoogroups. com
      日期: 2009年12月6日,周日,下午6:15

      Hi, dear members and visitors!
      Here is your 116th month newsletter.

      1) Monthly activity

      The total number of non bouncing members is eroding towards the
      1800 mark, the inflow does not fully compensate the ouftlow.

      The monthly number of messages is only 8930 (+30, a stat that
      includes the deleted spam).
      But we have members that bring information on BE/BF topics,
      which makes me sure that there is still a potential for new
      advances and debates, that explore our topics a bit further
      than many commentators that just scrape the surface, now that
      BE/BF got popular. Many of them are discovering, a bit late,
      that psychology took a large part in the bubble and crash (even
      if there was other explanations, such as a lax US (and other
      countries) fiscal and monetary policies and supervision neglect
      by monetary and financial authorities, under some political
      agenda and the pretence of "market efficiency", the now dented

      By the way, on a lighter side this is now the month in which
      many of us explore personally the behavioral economics of end
      of year spending. We can detect directly which heuristics drive
      our choices of presents, in a situation of risk, uncertainty and
      scarcity of resources, exactly what the economic science is
      about ;-)
      So, in advance, good exploration and best season greetings !

      2) Our free BF resources at your fingertips 24/7:

      * Your diligently maintained and improved BF glossary.
      (as I said above) 500+ definitions, many of them as
      stand-alone detailed encyclopedic articles,
      http://pagesperso- orange.fr/ pgreenfinch/ bfglo/bfglo. a.htm

      => Our permanent "quality" poll about that resource is running at:
      http://finance. groups.yahoo. com/group/ Behavioral- Finance/polls
      *** Thanks for your opinion**

      * Martin Sewell's academic treasure chest in BF topics,
      that site is a must for students and researchers:
      http://www.behaviou ralfinance. net/

      * Your behavioral stockpricer:
      http://pagesperso- orange.fr/ pgreenfinch/ pricer.htm

      * Our group charter
      http://finance. groups.yahoo. com/group/ Behavioral- Finance/files/
      (click BF Group charter.doc)
      also available at:
      http://pagesperso- orange.fr/ pgreenfinch/ befigrouppolicy. htm

      ** Remember, you need a *yahoo ID/profile* to access all
      Yahoo group's resources (polls, links and files).
      To get it, click "account info" (in the group's homepage
      or your "my groups" page) and fill in the info you deem
      appropriate. ID-less members can be permanently moderated.

      Best wishes again ! And best regards



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