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101st month newsletter

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  • pgreenfinch
    Hi, dear members and visitors! Here is your 101st month newsletter 1) Monthly activity The number of (non bouncing) members reached 1840 (+10) Welcome to new
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2008
      Hi, dear members and visitors!
      Here is your 101st month newsletter

      1) Monthly activity

      The number of (non bouncing) members reached 1840 (+10)
      Welcome to new members!

      As for the message activity, it was still the quiet summer
      season with 10 new messages only, reaching a total of 8425.

      This month we might give some thought to volatility.
      It is a market trait which nature might be evolving as our
      world is more and more complex and therefore to make market
      projections is less and less obvious.
      One day some pundits tell you the worse is behind us and the
      next day other pundits (or the same ones, because of some new
      event they did not expect, as if it was not their job to
      anticipate them) say that there is still a long way to go
      before the economy emerge back above water.
      Maybe it is specific to a bearish trend, (uncertainty, by the
      way, is the best food for bears, cautiousness is imperative
      when driving in the fog). But maybe on the other hand (as you
      know, economists, even amateurs like me, have two hands)
      it is a more general phenomenon that will persist whatever
      the trend.
      Welcome anyway to the roller-coaster!
      So here is the question we could debate: in a complex world,
      where everyday new reasons are found, and old reasons
      rediscovered, that incite to change opinion, should we expect
      that volatility will be more ...volatile?

      No much changes in our Finance-Academy sister group
      (ca 375 non bouncing members),

      2) Our free BF resources at your fingertips 24/7:

      * Your diligently maintained and improved BF glossary.
      500+ definitions, many of them as stand-alone detailed
      Our permanent "quality" poll about that resource is running
      *** Thanks for your opinion !! ***

      * Martin Sewell's academic treasure chest in BF topics,
      that site is a must for students and researchers:

      * Your behavioral stockpricer:

      * Our group charter
      (click BF Group charter.doc)
      also available at:

      ** Remember, you need a *yahoo ID/profile* to access all
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      To get it, click "account info" (in the group's homepage
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      appropriate. ID-less members are permanently moderated..

      Anticipating good info and debates in this new month, where
      activity (although volatile ;-)) usually picks up after the Summer.

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