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Re: [beekeeping] Re: Newbie with a ????

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  • Tina Stiltner
    That would be GREAT Rick! I was hoping to get a nuc rather then packaged. If you could email me a number I would like to get a request in early. I have a man
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      That would be GREAT Rick! I was hoping to get a nuc rather then packaged. If you could email me a number I would like to get a request in early.  I have a man on 140 down the road from my house the has beekeeping supplies I have met him before and I may check that out. I have ordered catalogs from the below companies and will check them out as well. Thanks so much.

      RH <summer_creek_farm@...> wrote:
      hi TIna, I am in Frederick County Md. Proabably  about .5 hr from you. I operate 4 hives on our vegtable farm near Thurmont. I would recommend you join the Carroll County beekeepers, they have a very good program their and good networking. As far as suppliers, I have used Mann Lake and Dadant. I was very happy. I had a bad experience with Betterbee so I do not use them anymore. Good luck in your efforts, if you are looking for Local Nuc's I have a guyup here who you could probably get some from.

      sharonsstables <lockha885@...> wrote:
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      <tinamstiltner@y...> wrote:
      > Hello all! This is actually my first post. I am 30 years old and
      > in Carroll County, MD. My girlfriends parents have decided to let
      > use there abundance of land to start a small honey crop and bee
      yard. I
      > used to do honey for 4-H as a kid and was wandering if you all
      > reccomend a company with the best kit that offers all I will need
      > get started. I have gotten several catalogs and would like some
      > personal info from people that have already ordered. :-) This has a
      > been a big interest for the last couple years. And now that I have
      > land I really hope to get started in March. I want to make sure
      > that I have everything I need so please give your input!
      > Thanks,
      > Tina
      Hi Tina, I am a first year newbee. I ordered a lot of my equipement 
      from Walter T. Kelley. I am very satisfied with the quality and the
      way they ship to you. They have been very nice to me, and when I
      ordered bees I ordered from them.
      When they had any questions about my order, they would call and then
      we could talk about the order and find out exactly what it was that I
      wanted and how they could help me.
      I also ordered from  a couple of other places, but Walter T. Kelley
      was the one that stuck in my mind because they were always so helpful
      and the beehive parts that I did order from them were of excellent
      quality and I will order from them again and again.
      Just my Opinion and others will be sure to share theirs with you too.


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