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RE: [beekeeping] Keeping Honeybees

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  • Washington Aris Torrealba
    Hellow Alana, I ve enjoyed reading your article. I m about to start a beekeeeping website in Chile near soon and I would like to cite some paraghaps of your
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 5, 2005
      Hellow Alana,
      I've enjoyed reading your article. I'm about to
      start a beekeeeping website in Chile near soon and I
      would like to cite some paraghaps of your text.
      Please John, let me tell where in the States are you
      and a little more about yourself. Are you a sort of
      "backyad beekeper" also?
      Sincerely, Washington A. Aris

      --- Alana <anala@...> escribió:

      Copied below is the article I wrote after joining this
      List and goggling
      myself silly. Please note that it is copywrited. It's
      for the Silver
      State Garden magazine.

      Thanks to everyone here who helped me.

      "For to the bee a flower is a fountain of life
      And to the flower the bee is a messenger of love
      And to both, bee and flower,
      the giving and the receiving is a need and an
      -Kahlil Gibran

      "The White Man's Fly" it had been called, for it
      preceded and signaled
      the advance of European immigration across America.
      But bees have been
      around a lot longer than that.

      Bees evolved from wasps, after or at the end of the
      time of the
      dinosaurs and at just about the same time as the
      emergence of flowering
      plants, about 150 million years ago.

      Bees have the nearly unique task of keeping the world
      alive. Without
      pollination , no food for animals, no animals . . .

      In a Spanish cave, some 6000BC, a stone age
      hunter-gatherer was inspired
      to apply a bee drawing to his wall. Clearly, the bee
      was important.

      It was the honey. Honey is the first food for which
      we have a record of
      a food intentionally raised by humans. Our first
      sweet food, honey
      cannot support yeast or bacteria, and so is a source
      of sugar completely
      resistant to spoiling. Today, the pharmaceutical and
      industries study it intensely.

      And today, home beekeepers still savor their honey and
      can expect the
      production of their fruit and vegetable harvests to be
      improved by work of their bees. As well as the
      production of their
      neighbor's harvest, a good thing to keep in mind when
      talking with the
      neighbor's about your bees, should that occasion

      And what about the neighbors? What will they think of
      your beekeeping?
      Given that there are successful beekeepers on
      Manhattan rooftops, your
      backyard is no problem. Beekeeping is not included as
      a nuisance in

      Place your hives where they are not visible, and
      properly managed, the
      neighbors won't know they're there. Building a fence
      or planting tall
      shrubbery will keep the bee's flight paths over the
      heads of the people.
      Providing water for your bees will keep them from
      visiting the
      neighbor's pool or pond. A half whiskey barrel
      planted with some water
      plants, at a fair distance from the hive, will help
      keep your bees at
      home. They enjoy the slightly stagnant water.

      When the time is right, Jeremy the BeeMan will come
      and take away the
      part of the hive with the honey. Away they will go to
      a "honeyhouse,"
      (a bee-proof room) where the extraction of the honey
      proceeds. Back
      they will come as jars of your own honey!

      Some people are afraid of bees. You can help them
      overcome this if
      there is any interest, despite the fear. Introduce
      him to your bees in
      a quiet, one-on-one situation. Tell him where to
      stand and what to do
      and not to do. Tell him that bees are attracted to
      dark colors and
      that's why the beekeeper's suit is white. Say that if
      one moves like a
      tree in the wind, one achieves bee invisibility. This
      is true because
      of the nature of the eye of the bee. It is designed
      to register quick
      movements as that of a possible predator, an animal
      like you. If a bee
      seems to get in your face, back away softly and
      slowly. Bees can fly
      6-9 mph.

      If you're interested in an education for yourself or
      your kids, bees are
      perfect. More experimental work is done using bees
      than any other
      animal. Who is not fascinated by their legendary
      dance? The bees dance
      this way and they dance that way, poofing out their
      pheromones, their
      extraordinary communication by chemical, telling all
      the other bees:
      This Way to the Free Buffet!

      Beekeeping may lead to other interests. Homemade
      beeswax candles and
      soaps are naturals, as well as extra jars of honey;
      all make wonderful,
      very personal gifts.

      "The honeybee's great ambition is to be rich, to lay
      up great stores, to
      possess the sweet of every flower that blooms. She is
      more than
      provident. Enough will not satisfy her, she must have
      all she can get
      by hook or crook."
      -John Burroughs

      If you were to hold one plain chocolate M&M in the
      palm of your hand,
      how many honeybees would have to sit in the palm of
      your other hand?

      (Place the answer somewhere else ?) 9-10 bees.

      And what did the honeybee say to the flower?
      Well Hellooooooo Honey!


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    • Jon McFadden
      Here is some more from Charles Koover. http://nordykebeefarm.com/forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=6&PN=1 Along with the 11 frame brood chambers is information on how
      Message 2 of 5 , Aug 7, 2005
        Here is some more from Charles Koover.
        Along with the 11 frame brood chambers is information
        on how to space frames, not only 11 space, but any
        other configuration. Pretty neat.

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