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Re: Lawyer's advice

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  • Sharon Lee
    Shanta, Well, this is the last post I am going to make on this subject for we are a Beekeeping Group, not a Civil Rights Group. Opinions Vary, you are intitled
    Message 1 of 74 , Jul 1, 2005
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      Well, this is the last post I am going to make on this subject
      for we are a Beekeeping Group, not a Civil Rights Group.
      Opinions Vary, you are intitled to yours, and I am intitled to
      Have a great Weekend!

      --- In beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, Shanta McBain <shanta@f...> wrote:
      > On June 30, 2005 03:58 pm, Sharon Lee wrote:
      > > Shanta,
      > > I have entered the Human Race and it is filled with RATS.
      > > I have had people steal from me, deface my property and now am
      > > dealing with a person who thinks it is OK to smash my Mailbox
      with a
      > > Bat, when he or she travels up the road.
      > > Maybe I should just go and allow them to hit me, and to take
      > > clothes off my back, or better yet, I will leave them by the
      > > for them to have?
      > You can replace your, your cloths etc. but can you replace the life
      you may
      > take? Can you truly live with the fact that you killed for material
      > that you can't take with you?
      > > I am not the problem but I do own the solution. I and a lot
      > > my friends own the solutions.
      > Yes and your solution is the problem. Violence creates more
      violence which
      > create more. until you have created on your street people that will
      not just
      > hit your mailbox with a baseball bat but also blow you and your up
      with a
      > bomb.
      > > I am a Christian, and am proud of the fact that I am. I also
      > > don't think that because I am a Christian that gives others who
      > > not, the right to take from me, or to deface my property, do you?
      > I would not say you are a Christian I know of no place were Jesus
      would have
      > done or condoned what you are saying. It is indeed the root of the
      > There is no saying that the person that hit your mailbox is a
      Christian or
      > not. Infact he may be but thinks that you are not because you would
      > what Jesus taught which is to love your nabour and GIVE then your
      > > You sound like my Mother in law when someone tried to steal
      > > of our cars in one night. Her response was " do good for evil."
      > She sound like she hear what he was teaching
      > > After someone tried to burn her garage down she was fighting mad,
      > > my response was, " what happened to the do good for evil
      > > She didn't know what I was talking about, and others shouldn't be
      > > trying to burn her out, and she was a Preacher.
      > This is what is hard to do. To do what Jesus did Love those that
      > him. We all have or will be tested with this. in one way or
      another. How we
      > respond in each case is how we create our personal future.
      > > Just a lesson in life. I don't do good for evil, I try to
      > > good to those who do good for me, and I leave others alone, until
      > > they decide to bother me, and then my two attorneys S&W .357 will
      > > answer all questions with a "flashing answer."
      > And you will have to face your personal 'hell' when you see that
      person lying
      > at your feet their life taken by YOUR hand over what a $10 Mailbox
      a $5.00
      > shirt. If you really are a Christian or any other form of spiritual
      > you will inquests 'never forgive your self' for the in this case
      MURDER of
      > another human.
      > You like the army at Guntamino bay are being judge jury and
      executioner with
      > out allowing the facts to come forth. The person Stealing or
      damageing your
      > goods is only a symptom of what is really going on. Why are they
      compelled to
      > do so? What give you the RIGHT to take on others life for
      anyreason. The
      > taking of a life is the ultimate in the removal of the rights of
      another. The
      > right to LIFE,
      > On one side of this discussion you talk about the state removing
      your rights.
      > yet you would do just that with out just cause. Is not right for
      the State to
      > do that but right for you?
      > It would be better to walk out and indeed put a second pare of
      shoes out for
      > the man. Maybe he need them for his kids or his wife. Maybe you
      could go out
      > and say Can I give you a job? The person in frustration may be
      steeling or
      > damage your good. When an act of kindness will go a lot farther
      than your gun
      > in making the world a better place for us all to live.
      > You have the ability to change this world to a better place.
      > Your gun is taking you and me in the wrong way. Backwords in time
      back to
      > darkness and anarchy. Delaying our progression towards a race of
      free people
      > supporting free people. So in my mind, with your pressent mindset,
      you are
      > part of the problem not the solution.
      > That however can change in the time it take to change a thought.
      That though
      > is your choice. A thought to make this world a better place for us
      all or to
      > get out the gun and use it against another human.
      > I have made that choice in what I think, speak and act. To imagine
      the world
      > living in love and harmony, to visualise you putting down your gun
      > picking up a pie to share with those in need. To speak for peace
      > co-operation among each being that inhabit this planet (including
      my bees).
      > and encourage others to do the same. To act for the betterment of
      myself and
      > my fellow beings.
      > --
      > Thanks
      > Shanta McBain
      > Bee Breeder
      > http://shanta.org/Apis a general view of beekeeping. This is a user
      > contributed site. Hosting for your site also can be provided.
      > http://shanta.org/ecf The site Eagle Creek Farms: Apis
      > Queens, Swarms (Queen and all her bee in your box). Pollination
      services for
      > the Okanagan Corridor BC Canada. Organic operations preferred.
    • Sharon Lee
      Hi Dick, I have checked out the sites and directions for the SWM and the last one seems to be up my alley. I am only going to have a minimual amount of wax,
      Message 74 of 74 , Jul 7, 2005
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        Hi Dick,
        I have checked out the sites and directions for the SWM and the last
        one seems to be up my alley. I am only going to have a minimual
        amount of wax, hopefully, as I only have two hives, and hopefully
        won't have to melt down the foundation on the first year.
        I do like all the designs tho, but the one that suits me the best is
        the last one with the insulated tub and a coffee can inside for the
        wax to flow into after it melts.
        Thanks a bunch, you have solved my latest problem.

        --- In beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, "dickbeekeeper"
        <dickbeekeeper@y...> wrote:
        > Hi Sharon:
        > In addition to Jon's melter, here are plans for the `Penn State
        solar melter':
        > www.ag.ndsu.nodak/edu/abeng/plans/6265.pdf
        > Here are plans from Beesource.com that are a bit more simple:
        > http://www.beesource.com/plans/melter.htm
        > For just melting burr comb and the like here's a real simple design:
        > http://www2.gsu.edu/~biojdsx/solmltr.htm
        > I'd replace the paper towel in this design with cheesecloth or
        > similar.
        > Regards,
        > Dick Allen
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