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  • tomas mozer
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      Re: State Farm Commercial (RANT)
      James Fischer <James_member@...>

      In article <8tmm8u$on4$1@...>,
      BeeFarmer says...

      >I saw a new commercial with a BeeKeeper and his bees.
      >Why did he have to say he had been bitten so much!
      >Is that all anyone wants to know about keeping bees?
      >How many times you can get bitten?

      The fellow in the ad is Norm Gary, who used to work at
      UC Davis as a research entomologist. He now hires
      himself out as a "bee wrangler" to the makers of films and TV shows. He
      presented an entertaining set of film
      clips of his work at the 2000 Eastern Apicultural Society
      meetings last August.

      As we sat and watched the clips roll by, ranging from
      really tacky "grade-b" horror flicks to the recent
      "X-Files" movie, I realized something:

      For most people, these images (people being attacked
      by bees for no reason, people being stung to death,
      chased by bees, etc etc)were ALL THEY "KNEW" ABOUT BEES!! Most people
      would see these images as "FACT".

      This fellow, who cannot be blamed for making a living,
      is, from the point of view of beekeepers who want
      happy neighbors, the DEVIL INCARNATE!

      So, there I sat, "entertained" by his very smooth and at times, funny
      presentation, but in the back of my mind,
      I was aligning his head in the crosshairs of a 10x scope
      on a Mauser SP66 sniper rifle. Lucky for him and me, I
      had not brought anything to EAS 2000 more dangerous than
      a Maxant hive tool, and I have since calmed down. :)

      Now, he, and the resulting "bees are dangerous" impression left by each and
      every one of his public appearances will be
      on national television, likely over and over again.

      Is any of this going to "educate" people about bees? No, not one bit.

      Is any of this going to make people less afraid of bees?
      No, not at all.

      Is this going to amplify the fears of the general public?
      Yes, for sure.

      If Norm suddenly dies, will I be a murder suspect?
      No more than any other self-respecting beekeeper. :)

      In Norm's defense, he does try to "educate" people about bees when he gets a
      chance to speak, but this is a rather
      feeble defense when compared to the persistently misleading
      BY BEES<<< created by his

      It is clear that if he did not offer this "service",
      someone else would. Just about anyone could take some
      queenless bees, some queen pheromone, and some basic
      knowledge about bee behavior to do the bidding of a
      filmmaker who wanted to make yet another "killer bee" movie.

      But Norm needs bees to do his work. He buys (rents?) most
      of his bees from "local" beekeepers, so as to avoid the problems of
      transporting bees. So, who is supplying him
      with bees? They are not helping matters, and are as much
      "to blame" as Norm and the movie/TV/ad makers.

      ...and yeah, Norm seems to have a macho thing about how
      often he has been stung. Perhaps he wants to be listed
      in the record books. As for me, if I get stung, I consider
      it a clear indication that I made a stupid error in working
      with the bees!!

      The best thing about entropy is that it is maintenance-free
      james fischer
      in the mountains of VA

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