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  • Allen Dick
    Thanks for the clear, simple statement of the method. For those not familiar with varroa mite testing, I ll expand a bit... This method can be effective where
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      Thanks for the clear, simple statement of the method.  For those not familiar with varroa mite testing, I'll expand a bit...
      This method can be effective where varroa is known to exist in fairly high numbers, but is not nearly as sensitive as using a sticky board with Apistan for 24 hours or formic for 48. 
      Where mites are not known to exist at all, and only a few hives are being checked, the ether roll and the sugar roll are relatively insensitive, since only 100 adult bees are sampled from a  hive.  I am uncertain how either compares with the alcohol wash (which uses 300 bees/hive).
      Of course larger samples can be done with sugar, and in our operation, we use about 1/4 of the quart mason jar full rather than 100 bees.  As an idea of how insensitive it can be, we have tested 15 yards with four samples per yard and only found two mites.  Both were from one yard.  We have not treated this year.
      Any such test only measures mites that are on adult bees,  Consideration must be made for the season and the amount of brood present to get a true idea the actual mite load in a colony. In fall and winter, the tests are much more sensitive, since many more mites are on the adults compared to the brood.
      I'm including below a one day output of BEE-L' s index that deals with the subject.  Other recent BEE-L posts have dealt with the matter in much detail and might be of interest.
      The below info is what you get if you subscribe to BEE-L using the 'INDEX' option.
      There is also a varroa and formic acid resource page at http://www.internode.net/HoneyBee/ .  It is a bit out-of-date, but a good starting point.

      BEE-L Index - 23 Aug 2000 to 24 Aug 2000 (#2000-36)

      IndexDateLines Subject and poster
      03268408/2321irradiation for foulbrood
      From: Adony Melathopoulos <MelathopoulosA@...>
      03268508/2318Re: FW: radiation for AFB
      From: Walter Patton <hihoney@...>
      03268608/2317Re: Stings and local reactions
      From: Bill Gantt <Wdgsr001@...>
      03268708/2332Re: Stings and local reactions
      From: Eugene Makovec <e_makovec@...>
      03268808/231Re: Varroa Sugar Roll Test
      From: Frank Nally <Modem@...>
      03268908/2337Re: Varroa Sugar Roll Test
      From: Allen Dick <allend@...>
      03269008/2429Re: Stings and local reactions
      From: MIDCPRO <midcpro@...>
      03269108/2448Re: Stings and local reactions
      From: "Lear, Eddy(ENL)" <edmund.lear@...>
      03269208/2427Re: radiation for AFB
      From: Aaron Morris <AMorris@...>
      03269308/2413NY Pesticide law passed
      From: John Mitchell <JMitc1014@...>
      03269408/2414Re: Stings and local reactions
      From: Richard Spiekhout <RASpiek@...>
      03269508/2429Sugar roll & other powders
      From: Dave Cushman <dave.cushman@...>
      03269608/2434Re: thymol and Apiguard
      From: Joe Hemmens <joe@...>
      03269708/2416Beekeepers to be inspected
      From: stimey <stimey@...>
      03269808/2412West Nile discovered in central new york.
      From: stimey <stimey@...>
      03269908/2420Re: Stings and local reactions
      From: Barry Birkey <barry@...>
      03270008/2517I need a job
      From: edgar diaz <edgardiaz@...>
      03270108/2413Re: West Nile discovered in central new york.
      From: BeeCrofter@...
      03270208/2413Re: stings and local reactions
      From: Ted Hancock <haymedhon@...>
      03270308/2411Re: How many queens?
      From: James Kilty <honeymountain@...>
      03270408/249hive stands
      From: albert cannon <albert.cannon@...>

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      This method has proven most effective, is easy to use and does not
      kill bees. I never liked the idea of killing bees.
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