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  • raincrone@juno.com
    ... ROFL! Thanks for a great mental image of a honeybee sitting in a teeny, tiny Morris chair under an eensy-weensy lamp, wearing teeny, tiny bifocals. ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2004
      >unfortunately bees can't read.
      ROFL!  Thanks for a great mental image of a honeybee sitting in a teeny, tiny 
      Morris chair under an eensy-weensy lamp,  wearing teeny, tiny bifocals. :-) 
      >Rain, what are your living conditions?  I've heard of people keeping bees
      >on the roofs of apartment buildings in cities.
      I live in a city apartment building, and both my flat roof and the old fire escape, disused since they built the new one, would be great places for bees.   But I live above my landlady, and she'd never wear it; she's allergic to beestings.
      The idea of finding someone in the country who'd let me keep them there is brilliant, though.  I already do that with some of my medicinal herbs/veggies 
      that are too large (or in the case of burdock or stinging nettle, too prone to snag clothing or sting the unwary)  for my community garden, but doing it with bees wouldn't've occurred to me.
      It'll be a few months before I can afford it at all, even on the most basic level, 
      but. . .cool!. . .it may not be as long as I thought! 
      Hmmm. . .I wonder.   We have a large forest preserve here, high up in the lovely hills
      on the edge of town, and a lot of it is deliberately not developed for recreation -- it's
      meant to function as "lungs" for the south side of the metro.  I wonder if the parks department would consider letting me put a hive in a clearing in one of the
      undeveloped areas?  
      But that leads to a query: do most of you check on your bees every day?  
      That would be difficult for me as a woman with physical abilities that can
      vary considerably from day to day due to neuromuscular and joint problems.

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