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RE: [Beekeeping] New to beekeeping

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  • karon
    If he wants to kill the Africanized without chemicals, tell him to try just soapy water. I have used it for years with bees hanging around the location of a
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      If he wants to kill the Africanized without chemicals, tell him to try just soapy water. I have used it for years with bees hanging around the location of a moved hive and killing off Fire Ants.


      All you need is a store brand dishwashing liquid. The kind for hand washing. For every gallon of water, use one cup of the dish washing liquid. Mix gently to avoid suds. Then, for Africanized bees, you can simply put the mixture in a garden sprayer and spray the hive. The mix kills the bees or fire ants on contact. It does not harm the surrounding vegetation or wild life (other than insects)


      This stuff acts on the insect’s exoskeleton like sulfuric acid does on skin.  I really didn’t believe it when I first heard about it. I started using it to kill Fire Ants when I lived in Atlanta.  By the end of the first season, I was astonished at how well it worked!


      In a neighborhood where everyone had multiple mounds of ants, we had a clear yard. No one in the area could believe it was as simple as it was. Many would not even try, thinking we simply had some secret method and were keeping it to ourselves. No one could think it was so easy. and yet, it was.


      Obviously, when going after Africanized bees, you want to be certain you are well suited but, this really does work. Might need much more for a hive and you’ll have to get it deeply into the hive. But, it can work and it will do less damage to the surrounding area, overall.


      I have never dealt with Africanized bees, myself, but I would definitely try this on them if I did. I have used it on Fire Ants and it worked beautifully. It may be worth a try. He’ll know for certain if he wants to try it. but, if it works, it will be much less expensive and better for the surroundings and his other hives, that so many chemicals.


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      I'm so excited! Next week, an experienced bee keeper is bringing out bees. He also removes africanized bees, so has lost some of his hives, which he thinks is due to chemicals left on his truck, so he's bringing out more hives than I eventually want.

      I don't mind that as, he's going to give me a great deal. I know I will need to feed them, but would like some advice on what flowers to put out that will help them. I have some fruit trees and roses, and plan on nasturiums. Wisteria will start now and there's clover. It's still cool here, so I'm putting more clover and vetch seed in the pasture. There's no other bees in the area, so they will have neighbors to forage on, too.

      I have a large pond, so they have an adequate water source.


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