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Re: [Beekeeping] Bee & Club Law Request

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  • Bob Benson
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      Subject: Re: [Beekeeping] Bee & Club Law Request

      Bee Law Request

      Please send me links to your local city, county, & state, laws, regs,


      I have found, finding the laws, extremely difficult, so to advise
      someone who is not local but who joins a list such as this or a
      bee list, I/we are somewhat lost, save for knowing general
      common-sense of laws of other localities. We can't just say,
      ~"find local clubs." I can barely find ones in my area. When I
      call the authorities, they send me to the local clubs to discover the

      I want to set up a central eList or etc to house these. My county
      suspended hive reg., but an errant city could be ignorant, and may
      impose total restriction in a bedroom community w/o citizenry being
      aware in time to mount a defense.

      I just made a hive from a swarm and my community is just the
      unenlightened type to do so. 24 years ago I'd see a dozen bees
      a day. Now a dozen bees in a month is par, since public light rail
      displaced all 3 regular-sized nurseries along the low-rent corridor,
      and huge one closed due to heirs in-fighting which caused the
      sale of it to build homes. (Natural greed and a way to divvy the
      nursery up between the heirs.)

      Not to mention, bee genetics needs the diversity in order to adapt.

      I want to inform, and enable enlightened people to be pro-active.
      I thank you from the bottom of my tummy, and my kids' tummies,
      and theirs, and so on...

      Other than a mere link, perhaps ought to be sent to me offlist?
      Kindly send any club/association info as well.


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