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Re: They Are [Not in Canada

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  • tiffany n osander
    ... a local or go to the Bee-L archives ...If You requeen now Your bees should become gentle in approximately eight weeks. They ve already been re-queened
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 26 7:41 PM
      >>You should probably just requeen them, if You don't know how, then ask
      a local or go to the Bee-L archives ...If You requeen now Your bees
      should become gentle in approximately eight weeks.

      They've already been re-queened once, and there may have been a little
      imrovement at first, but they do NOT have Italian temperments.

      >>Are You experiencing drought? A lot of the plants that normally bloom
      this time of year are not around here, and I've seen My normally very
      gentle bees get a little bit testy because of it.

      Not really, I mean we are always getting either too much rain or too
      little, so their may be a slight droubt, but no more that is usual andf
      they have never acted this way before.

      >>And You didn't mention smoke, smoke is very handy for calming the
      bees...How You smoke them is important also.

      Oh, believe me, I smoked them. I smoke these guys way more than I smoked
      my Italian friends in Beeville, and I know it helps, so I'd HATE to see
      them without it!!! But yeah, I smoke them AND I squirt them with sugar
      water. But I wouldn't call them "docile"!

      >> I would not kill them, it's
      not too late to requeen them.

      Oh no, I'd NEVER kill them! If i ever decided i didn't want them anymore
      I would sooner give them away or leave them to mother nature, but I don't
      think that is likely to happen. I still have to harvest soon, so I will
      check again and make sure everything is healthy with the brood and all.
      But if everything still looks good and I still can't understand, then I
      am thinking I will just go ahead and leave them alone for the rest of the
      year, and see how they are next spring. If they are ok then I will figure
      they worked whatever it was out on their own. But if they still worry me
      like this I am going to requeen them again. But I will do it EARLY in the
      season, because I don't want them to swarm or something and end up
      hurting anyone. Their behavior has had me pretty nervous about something
      like that all year, but I kept thinking they were just going to split up
      or something, so I let it go. But here it is already Fall, and they HAVE
      deffinately improved some, but they still seem just a little off.

      Thanks so much everyone for your support and advice! I really appreciate
      it! I don't have any "real-life" bee friends, so no one ever knows what
      the heck I am talking about! It's nice to be able to talk about it here.

      TIFFANY osander@...
      mom, student, massage therapist,
      beekeeper, fire dancer, cometgoddess
      "Leave a little to nature; she understands her business better than we
      -Montaigne, Essays, 1595

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