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Re: Video: Neonicotinoids Blamed for Colony Collapse Disorder

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  • lumbertonian
    ... if you were really curious you would have read that for yourself at my website, that I am a beekeeper and that I studied at UC Davis from Dr. Norman Gary.
    Message 1 of 39 , Mar 8, 2008
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      --- In Beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, Guro Dennis Servaes
      <dennisservaes@...> wrote:
      > Mike
      > You ask out of curiosity if I am a beekeeper or an activist, but
      if you were really curious you would have read that for yourself at
      my website, that I am a beekeeper and that I studied at UC Davis
      from Dr. Norman Gary. http://www.geocities.com/dennisservaes/bees
      > Ok Here is my 2 cents on your take of a darn petition to nowhere
      land. You like to argue and most of all you are looking to be
      recognized for something and you figured Oh bees the newest green
      thing . Your bandwagon leaves a sour note in my mouth. Whatever your
      take is on CCD you are welcome to it. I myself am going back to the
      true old fashiond way of beekeeping. Let the bees decide and honey
      is second. I have that luxury and intend to keep it and will keep
      very very close records on my bees No pesticides no insecticides no
      trucking to other states no So-called medicines and so forth. I am
      going Lusby. I am from NC and find as another gentleman did yes
      there are many math challenged individuals here it does not help
      the cause of reviving the honeybee.I have my own theory and only
      mention it to close friends. I find it more comfortable and don't
      need someone rude to call me stupid. The Lusbys are already ahead of
      the bee game, thank god they do not follow someone like you. Take
      care Dennis for a foulmouth like you may have to swallow their own
      you know what.
    • Dennis Servaes
      Message 39 of 39 , Dec 14, 2008
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        http://viewzone.com/lostbees.bayer.html <---see this

        --- In Beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, "Dennis Servaes"
        <dennisservaes@...> wrote:
        > Pete
        > I haven't been posting for some time. That is an excellent
        > you asked a while back in regards to an alternative to Apistan.
        > to use in lue of Fluvalinate. Perhaps the manufacturer of Apistan
        > will answer it for us by changing how it is made, since Verroa
        > are more resistant to Fluvalinate now anyway. I would suggest
        > finding the natural enemies of verroa that are honeybee compatable.
        > Gavin, posted an interesting link:
        > http://www.scientificbeekeeping.com/index.php?
        > option=com_content&task=view&id=48 that discusses Noema as a
        > link to CCD, but the author Randy Oliver, wisely states in the
        > article,- "Side note: I'm not in any way trying to denigrate the
        > effects of pesticides on our bees, and fully support further
        > on the subject—especially with regard to the neonicitinoids."
        > I have maintained my oppinion that Neonicitoids does cause all of
        > symptoms of CCD, and more accurately Residual and systemic
        > insecticides are the sole cause. and the widespread use of Neonics
        > residual, which means it will build up in the environment. The
        > manufacturer ITSELF confirms that Neonics cause all of the symptoms
        > of CCD. Also, ONE PART PER BILLION of Neonics is toxic to bees.
        > Also, one common denominator of ALL hives tested with CCD is they
        > had insecticides built up in the honey comb, so residual
        > should be replaced with something not toxic to bees, and / or at
        > least non residual.
        > The 18 or so pathogens associated with CCD are known as
        > rather than causative factors.
        > Dennis
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