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  • Harriette Jacobs
    May 1, 2007
      I think that is an EXCELLENT idea! If not at Epcot - a major zoo
      should create such a cooperative exhibit. The National Bee
      Associations could be notified or asked to solicity, etc.

      Harriette Jacobs

      --- In beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, "jcharles_cripps"
      <jcharles_cripps@...> wrote:
      > The thought just occurred to me that one way of increasing interest
      > in,and understanding of,bekeeping and its importance to all of us
      > be to establish a demonstration at Disneyworld--Perhaps a skep shaped
      > hive into which people would enter and therein find all kinds of
      > demonstrations related to bees and beekeeping including why we've
      > from skeps to Langstroth hives. Perhaps commercial beekeepers and
      > their organizations, suppliers of beekeeping equipment, national
      > organizations and even local clubs would be interested in working
      > cooperatively with Disneyworld to bring such a thing into existence.
      > It would take big bucks, but consider what is at stake. Just a
      > thought. I can't do it personally, but if enough people thought it
      > a good idea, something might get done. J.Charles
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