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  • pdgallic
    Mar 4, 2007
      I am from NJ and lost all my hives. There weren't a lot od dead bees
      in the hive, they just kind of disappeared. I checked them during the
      last bout of warm weather and they were doing fine. The hives have
      plenty of stores. I ordered new hives but given the news wonder if
      they will be available.

      Their are several environmental disasters coming our way. The loss of
      the bees will undoubtedly have an affect on crop yields in the next
      few years. THe pat answer that the beekeepers will grow new bees
      ignores the state of the current crisis. THe bee die off is present in
      Europe as serious as here. That means that the whatever is killing the
      bees will continue to do so. Without isolating the cause you can
      expect the bees to continue to die. A 70% die off will effect over 20+
      billion dollars worth of crops. While the world produces plenty of
      crops you will definitely see the price go up.

      Another environmental disaster is about to hit the pacific Northwest.
      Actually it has hit but is now about to become very public. A virus
      has infected the softwood crops in three provinces of Canada.
      Currently the only way to eradicate the virus if to burn down all the
      forests. The virus eats away at the heartwood of the trees and makes
      them unsuitable for logging and paper. Left unchecked it will kill all
      the forests in the western part of Canada over the next 10-15 years.
      If it comes across the border it will do the same damage to US
      forests. These forest provide 50% of the construction materials we use
      to build homes.

      So don't be surprised that you didn't know anything about the bees.
      For the next several months you will see articles claiming to have
      found the answer. If the bees have a form of AIDS then I imagine the
      claims will be about as effective as the current cures for AIDS. There
      is one report in Europe that claims that GMO's and a new pesticide
      that was launched five years ago are responsible. The report claims
      that the bees have been weakened by the pesticide and that the GMO's
      cause the bees to lose their sense of smell. When the bees weaken and
      take flight from the hive they simply can't find there way home.
      Interestingly I still have one hive holding on. It was a weak hive
      that I fed, they never made any stores from foraging last year. If
      they survive I could almost believe the GMO and pesticide story. Not
      that it matters. That just means that if they forage this year, they
      will end up dead.

      Good luck with trying to get the government to do something They gave
      12500 to do research. That is a little less then we are spending on a
      bunch of other 'important' matters in this country.

      --- In beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, "Sally" <stfpare@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > I haven't been here for awhile but I'm here now because I'm totally
      > alarmed about these new developments! My husband the beekeeper,
      > asked me to check the USDA/Aphis website for some word, official
      > statement or not, and there wasn't anything at all!
      > I believe that between GM groups and NEW pesticides, combined with
      > severe climate changes, anything is possible.
      > I consider this a national emergency and I hope researchers come up
      > with answers very soon or we can kiss our food supply goodbye!
      > Thanks,
      > Sally
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      > > Just saw a report on the news about this happening over a fairly
      > wide area of the country. They talked with a person from USDA about it
      > and they described it as new thing. They think it is some sort of
      > disease that attacks the immune system said it seemed almost like a
      > bee form of aids in how it acted. After testing many dead bees they
      > found they had nearly every disease bees get at the same time like
      > they had lost all immunity.
      > >
      > > William
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