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9361Re: [Beekeeping] Re: Lost hive

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  • Rick Hood
    Mar 1, 2007
      Mike wrote:


      Could this be happening due to GMO's or a new chemical pesticide? I
      was told that it's happening in Spain and Poland but not other parts
      of Europe. Sounds man-made.

      --- In beekeeping@yahoogro ups.com, "Wolf Creek" <spamfolder@ ...> wrote:
      > There seems to be two different events going on. One is the lack of
      immunity and dead bees. The other is bees going missing in the middle
      of winter. Aliens?
      > Lea
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      > From: William Bates
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      > Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 12:42 AM
      > Subject: Re: [beekeeping] Lost hive
      > Just saw a report on the news about this happening over a fairly
      wide area of the country. They talked with a person from USDA about it
      and they described it as new thing. They think it is some sort of
      disease that attacks the immune system said it seemed almost like a
      bee form of aids in how it acted. After testing many dead bees they
      found they had nearly every disease bees get at the same time like
      they had lost all immunity.
      > William

      I think that would be a stretch since GMO's and pesticides have been around long before this happened. The world constantly evolves new organisms, some good some bad. I think we got a bad one here.
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