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9099Re: [beekeeping] Help! Moldy comb, dead bees.

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  • Kalia Kliban
    Jan 2, 2007
      David O. wrote:

      > I bought some hives from a guy who is going to move from the area
      > (Snohomish County, Washington). He said he checked a month ago and
      > hive five hives were fine. When I bought them, we found three
      > completely dead, and two had entrances with numberous dead bees.
      > Some of the hives had a large super full of honey on top. We removed
      > them from the dead hives and found some mold on the comb and pollen.
      > In the dead hives, many bees were head first in the cells.

      That head-first thing sounds like the bees were too cold to move up to the
      stored honey in the supers and starved out while trying to get the last
      little bits of honey close to the cluster. Were the areas right around the
      dead bees completely cleaned out?

      It's worth looking for signs of foul brood on the brood comb that's still
      in the hives. I bought used gear and got stuck with foul brood my first
      time out. Not fun. Check for those little irregular perforations in the
      brood caps, and old dead brood with the tongues sticking out.

      > What should I do with these frames of honey?

      Somebody else may have suggestions for you on this one.

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