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9097Help! Moldy comb, dead bees.

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  • David O.
    Jan 2, 2007
      I bought some hives from a guy who is going to move from the area
      (Snohomish County, Washington). He said he checked a month ago and
      hive five hives were fine. When I bought them, we found three
      completely dead, and two had entrances with numberous dead bees.

      Some of the hives had a large super full of honey on top. We removed
      them from the dead hives and found some mold on the comb and pollen.
      In the dead hives, many bees were head first in the cells.

      What should I do with these frames of honey?
      - Extract it. (Not appealing.)
      - Feed it to the bees. (Will it make them sick?)
      - Clean them off and start over in the spring. (Seems like a waste,
      as much of the honey is still capped.

      The guy had homemade entrance reducers of aluminum bent at 90
      degrees. The entrace holes were only two 3/8" holes right next to
      each other. My guess is that the bees did not get enough air
      circulation, and condensation got to them.

      Temperatures have been freezing most nights, and in the 30s most
      days. And lots of rain. The hives were in a large pasture under a
      pine tree. It looked like a good location.

      I've cleaned out the dead bees from the entrace of the two hives and
      removed the entrance reducer, so there is an entrance full-width of
      the box. I did make sure the bees are facing slightly down to prevent
      rain from entering. They have solid bottom boards, not screened
      bottom boards.

      Any other recommendations? The hives with the dead bees are rather
      wet. I plan to dry them out and use them in the spring. Can I reuse
      the brood comb?

      Thanks much.
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