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857Re:Re: [beekeeping] crowded hive

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  • Lee Ratcliff
    Oct 3, 2002
      I would say yes. My Fience's dad winters his bees in one deep brood box and 1 12 frame super, and they do well. He is in SW VA in the coalfields.


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      I have the same problem with my hive, can they cluster successfully for
      over-wintering with a super on? I also live in PA.

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      Subject: [beekeeping] crowded hive

      > Hello all,
      > Yesterday I put the bee escapes in the hives, so that I can take the
      honey supers off tomorrow. The front of the one hive is covered with bees in
      the morning and evening. It seems as if there isn't enough room for them
      all to go in now with the extra two boxes gone. This is a very strong hive.
      Is there anything I should be doing? Thanks!
      > Ann in PA
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