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848Re: [beekeeping] crowded hive

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  • grizzly bearnolds
    Oct 2, 2002
      >From: "Ann Fisher" <homespunhoney@...>
      >Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002
      >Subject: Re: [beekeeping] crowded hive

      >I don't know if I should put another super back on at this point, but it
      >would give them more room.

      Last year I put an empty shallow super underneath the open mesh floor as a
      buffer box (during the winter). This year, as I observed that the bees kind
      of leave the bottom box alone anyhow, they just hang out in there but it
      was empty of brood and storage the last few times I checked, so I took that
      as a sign, and I added to each hive a shallow super with drawn but empty
      comb, and put that above the open mesh floor and below the box they were
      living in. So if there are lots of bees, and they had been robbed off their
      honey supers, this would give them a place to hang out and they still would
      remain in the hive and don't have to be outside, which is not a good thing
      hereabouts at this time of year.

      Ma. .. North Pacific Coast, British Columbia, CANADA
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