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6652Re: [beekeeping] Re: Pliny's wax

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  • marc sepesh
    Feb 4, 2006
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      Re: aluminum pans--I use aluminum pans for melting beeswax everyday and have never seen a discoloration in the wax.  I'm an artist, an encaustic painter--and have over 70 1 quart pans of 70+ colors in the studio at any time.  I've been using raw wax (cappings mainly) I purchase from beekeepers in the midwest--a very light golden color, but I was interested in bleaching some of it white to see what effect it might have on my colors.  The raw wax I use now is very weak in color (like weak tea) and is easily pigmented so there really isn't a problem with the wax I have--just curious.
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      ace <aceinthehole@...> wrote:
      Therein lies your problem marc.  Beeswax should never touch anything but tin or stainless steel.  Melting in aluminum will surely discolor your wax.

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