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6358Re: Rules concerning honey sales to general public

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  • sharonsstables
    Dec 4, 2005
      The best advise you can use on the selling of Honey and the
      restrictions, is:
      Call your State Apairy Board or your local Beekeeping Association and
      they should be able to send you the info you will need to know
      exactly what you can and can not do to sell your Honey.
      Our state, WV lets you sell an item as long as it is something
      directly from "YOUR" farm, not something someone else sold you, or
      you are trying to sell for them, without having a licenses, or a
      special permit.
      As others have said earlier, check it out with your state, each state
      has different laws and they don't carry over to the others.

      --- In beekeeping@yahoogroups.com, FarmerBrown49@a... wrote:
      > In a message dated 12/2/2005 5:22:33 P.M. Central Standard Time,
      > jesseallencameron@y... writes:
      > I have heard differing stories as to the rules associated with
      selling honey
      > to the general public as a beekeeper versus a honey packer. Some
      have said
      > you need a packaging license just to bottle a jar of honey and
      sell it to
      > your family or neighbor. Others have said no. I live in Tempe
      Arizona and
      > keep bees in the Phoenix area. Generally I sell my honey
      wholesale to a friend
      > who is also a honey packer who has told me that I really don't
      need a special
      > license to sell honey to my friends and neighbors. I have
      searched on
      > google but can't seem to find any literature about how to even get
      a honey
      > packaging license. Personally I don't like store bought honey as
      compared to honey
      > out of my hives (or family and friends hives for that matter)
      straight. At
      > best all it needs is a paint filter straining to get out the wax
      and bee parts
      > for looks and then off it goes. What do you all think?
      > Sammy Replies: Best advice I can give you is to contact your
      state USDA
      > office or you county health office may be a good place to start.
      For the Laws
      > concerning labeling you can view the Federal USDA laws at
      > _http://brownsapiaries.com/labels.html_
      (http://brownsapiaries.com/labels.html) I have not had
      > the time to edit them to those which pertains to the honey
      business only as of
      > yet.
      > Sammy
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